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Video Production

Social Media - Interviews - Advertising - Testimonials - Institutional Videos - Q&As 

Institutional Documentary for Wesermann Switzerland

After almost a decade in development the Zurich University Lab was finished and delivered to the teachers and students, Wesermann tells the amazing story of how they did it. 

Blood Donation event coverage for the Red Cross

The community came together to help the Red Cross in their effort of having the blood supply that they need.

Interview format for business and services

Come to their second home where you will be treated as family, met the Jami family and their coffee shop.

Services Showcase

Beauty Twins is a young and energizing startup with already a couple years of experience treating clients in Weil am Rhein.

Timo and Ramona Wedding Video

We had the amazing experience to be with this happy couple on their wedding day.

Red Cross Deployment for Emergencies

Team work is the key for any succesful mission.

Small collection of work done for companies in Europe and South America

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