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This is the Team!

VMS is proud to have a team of multidisciplinary specialists in the area of photography and cinematography with decades of experience in Latin America and Europe. 

Jose Villacreses, Photographer, CEO of VMS

Jose Villacreses

Photographer and Filmmaker

Graduated from Casa Grande University in Guayaquil, Ecuador. More than 15 years working for private companies and media outlets around the world. 

Olivier Auverlau

Director of Photography
Filmmaker - Movie Producer

Auverlau Olivier is a seasoned professional in the realm of cinematography, photography, and film production, boasting an extensive portfolio spanning over three decades. 

Olivier Auverlau portrait holding a cinema camera
Portrait of Rodrigo Haro, cinematographer from VMS

Rodrigo Haro

Director, Photographer
Post Producer

Rodrigo is a Cuban graduate filmmaker with dozens of advertising and television projects under his belt. He has worked for the private and public sectors in Ecuador, achieving excellent results in both. 

Ana Necpas

Sales Manager

Master's graduate in Multilingual International Relations and Economics, with over 10 years of experience with a multicultural and multilingual background.

Portrait from Ana Necpas, Sales Manager from VMS
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